From property and casualty insurance company that frustration to car theft to occur frequently in Italy, was a strong demand for the installation of anti-theft device with high certainty, in response to requests from the driver, Mech locking system, birth Island Italy 1989 were. The device, nor is it that you have used the GPS also in alarm. Was impossible to move the body of the vehicle itself, it is theft device.

■ About Meck Lock system ■
A system that will not work as long as it was placed in a brake hydraulic, do not set the key, the device will operate the brake circuit, to be sure, but because it is not intended to make changes to the system itself, and notify the Department of Motor Vehicles it does not hit the necessary remodeling. In alarm, nor is it GPS This equipment. However, the car is a system that will not work simply. Be found with this device, the greatest advantage is that the time required for removal becomes long, theft becomes more difficult. Vehicle equipped with this' Mech lock system will be about 50,000 units in Italy, but the case was in full theft is none.

By mounting the excavator, excavators, forklifts, etc., MEC locking system, has received praise from another surface. In other words, by not only protect from thieves, operator other than the official to not be driving, prevent it is because to some extent be an accident. As an example, (rental shop caterpillar) NOLO italia is equipped owned vehicles all, and among the customers of a number of our, and huge acclaim JCB · komatu · Fiat Hitachi · CGT from (caterpillar Italy) have gained. 2001 is now to be delivered direct to the UK Caterpillar anew.

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